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What I Learned from Ray Ortlund

When it first launched, was a picture of a coffee cup, a space for an email address, and an offer to meet for coffee. So I entered my address. A few days later, my friend Jared and I were sitting in a Starbucks with Ray Ortlund.

That email changed our lives.

The Secret That Changed Billy Graham's Ministry

“In 1949 I had been having a great many doubts concerning the Bible. I thought I saw apparent contradictions in Scripture. Some things I could not reconcile with my restricted concept of God. When I stood up to preach, the authoritative note so characteristic of all great preachers of the past was lacking. Like hundreds of other young seminary students, I was waging the intellectual battle of my life. The outcome could certainly affect my future ministry.

It's Not About Me

There are times so awkward or painful or frightening that I have no words. In those times I repeat to myself, “it’s not about me.” That phrase reorients me. The sooner I can recognize my inward turn the sooner I can make the God-directed U-turn I need to be an active minister of the gospel.

Leading by Honoring

A healthy leadership team doesn't see one another as competition but works together as one unit. Each person has their role and they work hard to perform in that role as best they can. But there is one competitive verse in the Bible. Romans 12:10 tells us to outdo one another in showing honor.