J.I. Packer's Ten Ways to Know God's Purpose for Your Life

In J.I. Packer's book, Knowing God's Purpose for Your Life, he gives ten statements that help us discern God's call on our life. 

  1. Live with the question of “What is the best I can do for my God?”
  2. Note the instructions of Scripture; the summons to love God and others, the limits set and the obligations established by the Law, the call for energetic action (Eccles. 9: 10; 1 Cor. 15: 58), and the drilling in wisdom to enable one to make the best choice among behavioral options.
  3. Follow the examples of godliness in Scripture, most of all, imitate the love and humility of Jesus himself. When that is what we are doing, we cannot go far wrong.
  4. Let wisdom judge the best course of action: don’t be a spiritual lone ranger; when you think you see God’s will, have your perception checked. Draw on the wisdom of those who are wiser than you are; take advice.
  5. Take note of any nudges from God that come your way—any special concerns for ministry and service, any restlessness of heart which might indicate that something needs to be changed.
  6. Cherish the divine peace which, as Paul says, will garrison (guard, keep safe and steady) the hearts of those who are in God’s will.
  7. Observe the limits set by circumstances to what is possible, and when it is clear that those limits cannot be changed, accept them as from God.
  8. Be prepared for God’s guidance on a particular issue not to appear until the time comes for a decision about it, and expect God to guide you one step at a time; for that is how he usually does it.
  9. Be prepared to find God directing you to something you thought you would not like, and teaching you to like it!
  10. Never forget that if you make a bad decision, it is not the end of everything: God forgives and restores. . . . The Lord is my shepherd; he leads me. What a relief it is to know that.