You Have Exactly What Moses Had

landscape Francis Schaeffer, in his book, Joshua and the Flow of Biblical History, recites the story of Joshua from assistant to Moses to leader of Israel. In doing so, he wisely reminds us that for Joshua to make the leap he had to trust in three changeless factors:

  1. The same book
  2. The same power
  3. The same leader

He had the same book. Joshua had the Bible. Moses wrote everything down (Deuteronomy 31:9). Joshua had the written word of God that he was commanded to read often to the people as a reminder. He had the same book as Moses, because God gave it to his people.

He had the same power. Joshua had the same powerful presence of God as Moses had enjoyed. God magnified Joshua in the sight of all Israel to prove that, as he was with Moses, he would be with Joshua in power (Joshua 3:7). He had the same power.

He had the same leader. Joshua, as leader of Israel, had the same leader even after Moses died. Moses, like Joshua, was the human leader of Israel, but the undying leader was the Lord himself. The rules did not change. There was no break in leadership. There was no doubt as to who was in charge. There was no breakdown in government. Joshua had the same leader, and that leader was, and is, the Lord himself.

So Joshua, having the same book, the same power, and the same leader, took his place in the long line that would become leaders of God's people. Moses had served well. He was faithful in all God’s house (Hebrews 3:2). But Moses died. His ministry was over, but the Lord's ministry wasn't.

This has implications for our day, as well. Leadership in God’s church is no different than leadership was for Joshua as he steered God’s people into the Promised Land. We too have the same book, the same power, and the same leader. Biblical Christianity relies on these three changeless factors. Without them we begin making things up on our own, which leads to our destruction. But with them we begin to gain traction in the kingdom of God because, after all, it is not our work that is effective, but the work of the Lord that holds all the power.

Stick to the Bible. Pray for and recognize the power of God present with you in the person of the Holy Spirit. Follow the leader, King Jesus. Do those three things in your ministry and you will stand in a long line of Hebrews 11-type saints who followed the Lord wherever he went.

You have a revelation from the mouth of God, power in the presence of God, and a leader in the person of God. Rejoice in this, God has not left us alone. He cares for his people even today.

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