Out of the Cave - A Poem

Captured, blind, I knew it not, in my sinful cave. Collapsed, the mouth, years ago – light began to fade. Choice within, and nature-born, dug, I did, my grave. Darkness growing darker still; left alone would I have stayed.

Steadfast love and faithfulness I knew in only word. A soured mind, mine was, growing filthier ever still. The word proclaimed, was it not? Yet my ears it never heard. Embarking journeys, never ending, but, alas, did not fulfill.

A new Spirit, put, within, the best I may explain. The law I kept never once, yet, still pursued was I. The cave, the mouth, left behind, seeing now so plain. A toad, a worm, nay, smaller still, somehow is beautified.

Earned death, I did - an eternal one - but seeing now I’m free. Descending down to hell was I – reversed to now ascend. Wonder about, never more! I know Him who died for me. Though as enemy I have ever stood, yet Jesus is my friend!

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