So the Scripture is Our Theology

“As the Word of God is enclosed in the Scriptures, so the Scripture is our theology, to such an extent that we assign complete authority to every part of it, and to each and every truth contained in it. This declaration is not reached (as in other sciences) by each proposition being built up from another, by application from another, by application of the rules and conclusion of logic, with human reason adding its consent, but, instead, we receive each revelation or demonstration of truth immediately as it is given with sure confidence because each is a Divine revelation-the very thing upon which true theology depends.” - John Owen -

from Biblical Theology – The History of Theology from Adam to Christ, page 17; Soli Deo Gloria Publications 1994

What you make of the authority of Scripture is the degree to which you have your Christianity. We stand under the Bible, not beside it, and most certainly not over it. God’s very words spoken to our hearts in the Bible are of such immense value that to taste it and then fall away from it is to crucify Christ again and hold him up to contempt (Heb 6:4-6). Through the Holy Spirit’s work we see the steadfast love of God in the creation, the exodus, the kingdom building and destroying, the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and the plans for future glory. We are enlightened by it, we taste the heavenly gift, and we share in the Holy Spirit through it.

The Scripture is our theology as much as water is our drink or bread is our food. The very existence of the Bible means that there is right and wrong theology. God isn’t a silent God. He’s not leaving us to wonder what He’s like. He isn’t leaving us without a glimpse of our future. He isn’t leaving us without a view of his holiness and glory. Sit under the Bible. Listen to its word. Find within its pages the glory of Christ in the gospel and respond in worship. Receive it as truth, for there is no greater truth outside of the word of the living God.

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