Hebrews 1:1-3 | The Radiance of the Glory of God

Our greatest need is to hear from God. Without his voice we are lost, wondering what life is all about. We don’t know who we are, why we’re here, or what we’re for. But God is not silent. He has been speaking since the foundation of the world. And what he’s been telling us all along is that he is God, we are his people, and he loves us despite everything that seems to prove otherwise.

1 John 4:1-6 | Test the Spirits

There is a spirit behind every religious message. John tells us it’s either from God or from the Antichrist. What should we believe? Such an important question, isn’t it? What we believe forms what we worship, and what we worship forms who we become. So, John tells us not to believe every spirit.

Acts 24 | The Story of Two Trials

Acts 24is the story of two trails: the obvious one, Paul’s trial in verses 1-23, and the easy-to-miss-one, Felix’s trial in verses 24-27. But this also shows us the reality of two spiritual trials: how we put God on trial, and how God puts us on trial.

Psalm 51 | What Repentance Is and Does

If we’re willing to go to the low place, to call ourselves evil, to identify in the first person with David, that we have sinned—then we can receive with David the same grace that David received from God, and we can have the joy of salvation.

Psalm 100 | How to Live with Thanksgiving

When we see what God has done, we respond in thanksgiving and praise. We enter his gates with thanksgiving not because we’ve worked up enough gratitude to do so, but because we’ve seen enough of God that we can’t help but do so. Thanksgiving is all about responding.

Acts 15:1-35 | The Jerusalem Council

When we are grabbed by the gospel we sit in amazement at the work of God. Becoming a Christian is not coming to a set on ideas or behaviors. It’s coming to a person. Have you ever noticed how many times the Bible retells the story of God’s work among his people? Why is that? It’s because no matter how many times we hear it the grace of God never gets old.

Acts 14:19-23 | Paul and Barnabas in Lystra and Derbe

Here’s the truth about our future. We who believe are on our way to heaven. And the more people that we bring the good news to in our lifetime only sweetens the experience. We want to see as many people as possible come to love Jesus because he is worth it. All the suffering we endure for his sake is worth it. We are here because we are willing to lay down our lives so that others may find Jesus.

Acts 9:20-31 | Jesus is Building and Multiplying the Church

The kind of church Jesus is building is founded on gospel-doctrine and shaped into gospel-culture. And as we fall down at his feet in amazement of who he is, he will reach out his right hand and comfort us through his Spirit. We can experience gospel-doctrine and gospel-culture together because Jesus is alive and active. We can walk in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit if we will be open to the Lord. God fills open hearts with himself.

Romans 5:9-10 | Legally Safe, Relationally Near

Our justification is past and unchanging. Our reconciliation is past, present, and future. Joy in the Christian life is constant joy because we have been set free from our past, kept in the present, and hopeful for the future. At this very moment, Jesus is seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father sending his Holy Spirit down to us to confirm to us in this moment that he lives. You can be sure without a doubt in your mind that you will be saved until the end because the sinless savior lives.

Romans 5:8 | The Surprising Gospel

God shows his love to us in a multitude of ways but the supreme way he shows his love to us is in the death of Christ for us. What greater love is there? You, in all your sin and all your messiness – you – were loved enough by God that he would die for you. He didn’t just tell us that. He showed it two thousand years ago at 3:00 in the afternoon on a hill outside of Jerusalem. And, even more surprising, he still shows his love in the death of Christ.